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DocsEngine Portal from AccuDraft is the first and only Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system to employ rules-based contract creation to guarantee scalability, compliance, and consistency in the contract process.

DocsEngine transforms your unique contracts into a set of business rules and publishes them to an online portal where any authorized user – including employees, customers and vendors – can automatically create contracts by simply answering a series of questions. As the questions are answered, rules are dynamically invoked, guaranteeing that even the most complex contracts contain the correct language – every time.

With DocsEngine Portal, you can eliminate manual contract processes – such as “cutting and pasting” clauses from previous contracts – and the errors associated with them, to ensure 100% consistency, compliance and accuracy.

Additionally DocsEngine Portal dramatically increases capacity by reducing reliance on scarce legal resources and allowing more “deal generators” to create and maintain contracts.

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DocsEngine Portal Offers:

Reduced IT Dependence with a software-free, fully-hosted solution model

Reliable Self Service that allows non-legal staff to accurately generate contracts by completing simple online interviews

Guaranteed Compliance through automated, centralized rules that are dynamically invoked during the online interview process

Accurate Analysis without the need to manually enter contract data

Simplified Maintenance that allows users to amend multiple contracts simultaneously by simply updating the appropriate rule-set

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